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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is the approach taken now by most, if not all, professionals who design and develop websites and web applications. Indeed, Google is taking a strong stance on this also, with a more positive view on those websites that are responsive.

But what does responsive mean? Simply put, this is an approach that is geared toward websites being responsive to the user’s behaviour and environment – what they are doing and what device(s) they are using, from mobile phones to desktop computers.

What I Can Do For You

I provide high quality, polished, and cost-effective responsive web design services throughout Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, and other surrounding areas. Also, I am willing to provide services to those businesses further afield.

Whether you need a small brochure, informational websites, or larger more complex web applications such as eCommerce or Estate Agents, I will deliver.

I take in pride in what I do, and aim to deliver the very best of results to clients. Your new, or updated, website will meet your business needs and stay within your budget allowance.

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We will discuss your requirements, and the possible solutions that are available to you.

To that end, you should provide details that include your business goals, target audience, and what you want to gain from your website.


I will carry out some research, and brainstorm some ideas/concepts for your website. This includes the Information Architecture, the layout, and wireframes creation.


Everything I need should now be available to help me get to work on the look of your website. Here I will work on the colour scheme, the UX, and other visual elements.


Now that you have approved the design of your website, I will get to work on developing it. It will comply with Accessibility & Web Standards, and be tested to ensure that the functionality works. Site performance is also a key concern here for me to ensure your website doesn’t keep your customers waiting.


Time for some final testing, and then we have take-off. The website will be transferred to your live server, and it would be great if you could ask your team to test it out as well and provide Quality Assurance feedback.

I will also integrate any Web Analytics to help monitor and make further improvements over your website’s lifetime.


Once everything is in place and your website is live, I will provide maintenance support involving updates to the underlying technology and alterations to the content as you request.

Recent Work


PerformingArtsGroups is a new and exciting group created with the purpose of promoting the performing arts community, and all groups related. This is in the hopes of inspiring the younger generations to participate more actively in the community, by attending performances or becoming a cast member/student.

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Kid's Question Time

Kid’s Question Time is inspired by my young son. He asks a lot of questions, and I endeavour to answer as many as I can. If I have to do the research first then so be it. I believe that encouraging our children to pursue those questions they ask until they get an answer is vital to their development.

I built this blog using WordPress.

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A Sample Website

Built this to help get myself more acquainted with WordPress and the Divi Theme.

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