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Samples of Work

The following are samples of work I have carried out using WordPress and the Divi Theme.

To see samples of other works I have done, writing the code for, visit my GitHub page at https://www.github.com/GColville/.


PerformingArtsGroups is a new and exciting group created with the purpose of promoting the performing arts community, and all groups related. This is in the hopes of inspiring the younger generations to participate more actively in the community, by attending performances or becoming a cast member/student.

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The Whisky Love

The Whisky Love is a hobby site for myself, allowing me to combine several things I love – whisky and the practice of web development. Still a way to go, with updates coming soon.

This website was built using HTML5, CSS3, and PHP.

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Digital Agency

Digital Agency is a mock website.

This mock website was built using WordPress CMS, with the Divi theme. The Divi Logo is where the potential company’s logo would be placed.

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Kid's Question Time

Kid’s Question Time is inspired by my young son. He asks a lot of questions, and I endeavour to answer as many as I can. If I have to do the research first then so be it. I believe that encouraging our children to pursue those questions they ask until they get an answer is vital to their development.

I built this blog using WordPress.

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A Sample Website

Built this to help get myself more acquainted with WordPress and the Divi Theme.

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Anything I Can Help You With?

Everything I do is with the hopes of progressing and honing my skills. Get in touch if there is anything you would like help with.

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